The Safe.

The Safe holds the Goldbar and some money stacks.

Location Edit

The Safe is in a small room inside the Master Bedroom, near the closet/cupboard on the second floor, opposite The Office.

Appearance Edit

The Safe is a large metal box with a keypad on the front. A red alarm light is on the wall next to it.

Access Edit

To access The Safe, you must input a 4 number code into the keypad on the front of The Safe. This code can be found inside the top drawer of the desk in The Office. After the correct code has been entered, the green button on the safe can open the safe door. When a code has been entered, correct or otherwise, the alarm will be triggered unless the blue wire in the Power Box has been cut or the owner will come home early. The red button, when pressed, will reset the code entered.

Contents Edit

The Safe contains the Gold bar and six Money Stack.

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Trivia Edit

  • If you input the wrong code, the owner will come back much quicker.
    • The correct code will also cause the owner to come back quicker, but not as quickly as inputting the wrong code.
      • The owner will not come back quicker if the blue wire has been cut.
  • The Safe's code is randomized every time you start the game. This forces the player to find the Office Key if they want the contents of The Safe.
  • Originally , the safe only contained 3 Money Stacks and the Gold bar.