The owner is the man in the game who owns the house, and the contents within (Basically the contents you steal).

The owner usually arrives at the house by the time you get halfway through the items, or if you have entered the incorrect code at the safe.

When he gets home, your objective is to either escape with the things you got, or hide in places, and while trying to evade him, steal the things in your list. He usually gradually turns on the lights in the house, which can sometimes make it easier for the player to know where he is.

Appearance Edit

The owner is typically an adult with a shirt, light brown pants, dark brown shoes and brown hair, as shown in the picture above.

Although, his appearance varies depending on events that take place around the world, such as Australia Day, Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

Behavior Edit

The owner is brave enough to obey someone who will try to defeat him and will start to be very suspicious if something is not in place or if an item is missing. The owner will come home and will begin to come and watch you (if the player did not reduce the electricity). If he sees the player, they will start looking and try to hit them. If the player is attacked 3 times, he is subjected and is forced to restart the game. The owner can now open the doors and cabinet doors (which in the previous update could not). If ever, they can sometimes freeze in their position and look for about three seconds if the player does not face anything suspicious or moving. The owner will check the first floor and then the second.


When the owner enters the house, the door will not open, the owner will be caught by the door.
There is a problem that allows the player to stand on the head of the owner. Make a mistake by waiting for the sounds indicating that the owner returns home (car, garage door, etc.). Stay right in front of the door where the owner appears. When you get into the house, you'll be on your head. You can move, but very slowly. You will be pushed if you try to walk through a door.
  • The owner may become stuck in doorways if lots of items are piled up in it and the owner tries to go through it. He can break free, however. An example of this is when The Owner goes to turn on a light in the room that the player is in.
The owner was seen when lighting the main bedroom (room with the safe) and going back again when the player is right next to the closet in the closet.
  • The Owner would not see you if you are in a certain room.
    • This was fixed

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