The 'You Escaped' screen with the 'Very Organized Thief' rank.

Your rank is determined on how many items you stole (including money stacks and seasonal items) , amount of loot stolen and how long you take to until completion.

Ranks (Best: Top/Worst: Bottom) Edit

  • Professional Thief
  • Master Thief
  • Very Organized Thief
  • Organized Thief
  • Everyday Thief
  • Unorganized Thief
  • Newbie Thief
  • Newbie Intruder

Trivia Edit

  • There is a 'special' rank called 'Greedy Thief' in which to get you must steal all of the money stacks in the house and escape.
    • There is also a rank called 'Marathon Thief' in which to achieve you must take at least an hour to escape.