The key, in the garage, on the workbench.

The Office Key is an important item in The Very Organized Thief.


It appears to be a typical yellow/gold key and has no hole in the circle at the top.


Once the player picks up the key, they can unlock the office door by interacting with it.


The Office Key moves around, but it is quite easy to randomly come across it. It can appear in the following places:

  • In the Living Room on a corner table, next to a phone.
  • In the Family Room, on top of the couch
  • In the Kitchen, on top of the wine cellar.
  • In the Laundry Room, on the counter next to the laundry machine.
  • In the Garage, on the workbench.
  • On one of the corners of the Dining Room table.
  • In the Master Bedroom, on the bedside table.


The Owner can unlock the door to the office when he is home, meaning brave thieves will not have to find the key.