The money in the wine storage, next to some rare wine.

Money Stacks are items in The Very Organized Thief.

Locations Edit

Money stacks are found in the following locations:

  • The wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • Wine Storage
  • Shelf Near Power Box
  • Bathroom Cabinet
  • Office
  • Box In Garage
  • The Safe
  • The bottom drawer of the desk in the first bedroom
  • Cabinet over the boxes in the Garage
  • Cupboard above the counter in the Kitchen
  • Beside table in the master bedroom
  • Living room (bookshelf)

Trivia Edit

  • If you successfully steal all the money stacks in one game and escaped the house. You will achieve the "Greedy Thief" rank.
  • It is unknown why the Money Stacks aren't all in The Safe.
  • It is worth exactly $100.

Gallery Edit