Achievements are certain goals you can accomplish by reaching or meeting the requirements for it.

Death Related Edit

  • Closet Clobbering - Get subdued in the closet.
  • Down Under - Get punched out by a kangaroo on the ground floor.
  • You Reaper What You Sow - Get subdued by the reaper.

Escaping Edit

  • By The Skin of Your Teeth - get attacked 2 times by the owner, then escape.
  • 7 Minute Thrill - Escape after 7 minutes.
  • Speed Thief - Escape with all the loot in 1:43 minutes or less.
  • L00T!!1! - Escape the house with OVER $40,000 in loot.
  • GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!-glitch out of map

Game-Play Edit

  • Kleptomaniac - Finish 30 games with at least 1 item in your checklist.
  • 10 Minutes of Terror - Be in the house for 10 minutes or more.
  • Safe-ty First - Acquire the gold bar before any other loot on your checklist.
  • Toast to Success - Bring the Toaster, Rare Wine, and Bread to the Silver Candlestick.
  • Smashed - Break 10 wine bottles with the owner in the house.
  • Found 'em all - Get every item available to steal at least once.
  • Very Organized - Get the "Very Organized Thief" Rank in a game.
  • Collected KICK STARTER letters.
  • Polar Bear - put a teddy bear in the fridge.
  • It's My First Day - put 1 teddy bear in the safe and 1 in the closet

Seasonal Edit

Australia Day Edit

  • Flag finder - Find all 10 Australia Day flags.
  • Shrimp on the barbie - Put Shrimp on the barbecue

Easter Edit

  • Chocolate face - Find all 5 Chocolate Bunnies.
  • Egg seeking thief - Find 8 Eggs and put them in the Giant Bunny's Basket

Halloween Edit

  • Soul Collector - Collect 5 Souls in a jar.
  • Trick and Treated - Find all the candy.
  • Keep on glowing - Make a glowing pickle in the cauldron.
  • You reaper what you sow - get subdued by the reaper.

Christmas Edit

  • Present fiend - Find all 10 presents during Christmas Month.
  • Sweet tooth thief - Find 12 Candy canes during Christmas Month.

Kickstarter Edit

  • Collected kickstarter letters during The Very Orginized Thief kickstarter campaign